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Apply Now!

Thank you for your interest in sending your child to
St. Mary's Springs Academy!


The enrollment process for SMSA consists of two different categories:

1. New Families - New Students

This category consists of all those interested in attending SMSA who have never attended prior, and have never had an older sibling attend.  This process is outlined below and necessitates an online application to be submitted including recent records of the student.

2. Current Families - Current Student/New Student

This category consists of all current families of SMSA with a currently enrolled student.  This also contains those current families wishing to enroll a student that has not yet attended SMSA priorly.  This process is completed via mailed registration forms and is outlined below.

The Enrollment Process for SMSA consists of three stages:

1. Application - Via online application (New Family/New Student Only)
2. Review - Internal review of submitted application, report cards, standardized tests, etc. (This step takes place after the registration form and fee have been submitted for Current Family/New Student)
3. Registration - Via a paper registration form that will be mailed to all students.  Registration fee is also included in this step. (All Students)


New Family/New Student Online Application

Please contact Kelly Mueller at 920-322-8012 or with any questions or concerns regarding the Admissions Process.



CLICK HERE to complete the P3-K5 Developmental Checklist


All current smsa families looking to register a current student or to

enroll a sibling of a current student to SMSA please follow the process below: